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Jet ski
Roxxy Beach Watersports, Jet Ski Sint Maarten


We are here to help you setting up your activities and keep your mind free ! We answer here to the most frequently asked questions. For any other information, you can still contact us by calling or writing us an email. 

  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
  • What if I never rode a jet ski ?
    No problem, we will give you a whole briefing before your excursion including the safety rules, and the guide will show you how to use the different triggers directly on the jet ski.
  • How many people can ride on a jet ski, and how many do you have ?
    Even if our jet skis can hold 3 passengers, we allow 2 passengers maximum on it (2 adults or 1 adult and 1 kid) for you to feel more comfortable during the ride. We have 4 jet skis on total (according to the law, one jet ski tour guide can take 4 jet skis only... For safety reasons again !)
  • Can kids drive jet skis ?
    The driver must be at least 18 years old to drive a jet ski. A minor under 18 years old can go on the jet ski with an adult driving. We recommend the kids to be 7 years old minimum to enjoy to excursion.
  • Can I bring my phone or a camera with me ?
    We advice you to leave your phone during the tour. The jet ski compartment is not waterproof and your phone can be broken by moving inside because of the waves hitting the machine. The best way to keep it safe if you would like to take pictures is to bring a waterproof phone bag around your neck. Concerning the cameras (as Gopro), the safely way to take it is with a chest belt.
  • Can I wear sunglasses ?
    Not to lose your shades, or to get splash and have salt burning your eyes, we will give your special masks with a UV40 protection (this extra is provided for free !)
  • How many places are there in the kayaks ?
    We offer double and single kayaks for rent.
  • Is there a charge for life jackets ?
    Life jackets are provided for free.
  • For how long can we rent kayaks and paddles ?
    The rental period is 3 hours maximum.
  • Is there a minimum age ?
    As the Seabob is a small but powerful toy allowing you to drive and dive by yourself between boats and many other water crafts, we ask for a minimum of 12 years old to keep the Seabob under control.
  • Where do I go with the Seabob ?
    Leaving from the shore right in front of our office, you will be able to enjoy the Seabob ride all into Kim Sha Bay. We need to make sure that we always see you in case of an emergency, so we will show you the area to respect.
  • Will I have a scuba tank ?
    No ! As the Seabob is locked to dive at 9feet (3meters) maximum, you will have to hold your breath ; you will not even need a snorkel. But we provide you a snorkeling mask, as well as a floating red buoy connected to a rope to tie at your ankle with a scratch, so boats and other water crafts will be able to see you wherever you go even if you are under water.
  • How hard is it to ride a Jet Surf ?
    Everything is about balance to stand up and constant speed control ! Many first-time riders get up with a little instruction within few minutes, which is completely random from a person to another one according to your current water ride skill level. Doing sports such as wake board, surf or snowboard can be a little plus to control the jet surf but you don't even absolutely need to have experiences with any of these other sports to enjoy the ride. A sense of coordination is necessary.
  • Does Jet surf require a physical effort ?
    Depends on you and if you are used to board sports... The most physical step is to turn left or right by pushing on your toes and on your heels, and to keep a support by lining yourself. By being flexible on your legs, the ride will be more smooth and tender.
  • Is Jet surfing dangerous ?
    No, a kill switch connects the acceleration trigger to a special wristlet we will give you. If you fall off, the engine will immediately stops itself, and you will float thanks to the life jacket allowing you to go back easier on the board.
  • Is there a minimum age to enjoy a Jet surf ride ?
    Working with a 100cc engine, the Jet surf can be driven by 14 years old guests minimum.
  • Is it scary or claustrophobic ?
    Most people find the cockpit to be surprisingly open feeling due to the large panoramic canopy and view ports. If a passenger feels claustrophobic, it is possible to operate the Seabreacher at full speed at the surface with the canopy in its open position. Then the ride can be as mild or wild as you wish depending on what you are looking for !
  • Is there a weight or height restriction ?
    We need to make sure that all our passengers can get in and out of the cockpit quickly and safely in the unlikely event of an emergency. Due to this, there is a height restriction of 4”7’ / 1m40 minimum and 6"4' / 1m90 maximum.
  • Can I drive the Seabreacher ?
    Due to the technicality of the Seabreacher’s controls, we only offer passengers rides while a qualified and trained pilot drives for you.
  • Will I get wet ?
    Yes ! At the beginning and during your trip, the pilot will open the canopy at the surface and drive around to cool off and let some cool air while he is still driving. Wearing a swimwear is recommended.
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